Director's Message

Policy formulation, policy implementation, policy analysis and assessment of policy impact are the most critical phases in the process of realising good and effective governance. Think tanks play a crucial role in democratic societies by generating informed, critical and futuristic ideas on all aspects of public policies. Besides, in this era of inter-penetration of domestic and global spheres, think tanks should integrate crucial international trends and developments in their public policy agenda. AIPRIS is committed to emerge as a trusted and independent voice in the public policy space locally, nationally and globally in the years to come. Its activities during its nascent phase have given a glimpse of our enormous potential and possibilities ahead. AIPRIS shall work systematically and consistently to realise its mission of aligning the world of ideas and the world of action. We welcome your whole-hearted participation, advice and support in this endeavour.

Prof. Amit Dholakia
Director (Offg.)